The Playstation 5 is Official

And It’s Clearly For the Players

Sony has announced that the next generation of Playstation consoles will indeed be called the Playstation 5. They have also given us a generic release date: Holiday 2020. Besides those two facts, the only information of note comes from a Wired interview where SCEA CEO Jim Ryan and system architect Mark Cerny went over some details about the PS5’s new controller.

The new controller will look much like the Dualshock we are familiar with but will feature feature haptic feedback, another brand of Nintendo’s HD Rumble that will make tactile output more engaging for players. It will also have dynamic resistance triggers. These triggers will be able to simulate different game objects by resisting a trigger-pull. For instance, you could feel the heavy resistance and then hammer fall of a gun through the trigger.

Sony is still mum about any further details about the system except that it will have hardware acceleration for ray tracing, a graphical feature that allows more realistic light, shadows, and reflection and that the PS5 will definitely feature a Solid State drive for mandatory game installation. What do you think the PS5 will look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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