Editorial: Bethesda E3 Showcase 2018

Bethesda_Game_Studios_logo.svgAre You Ready To Die?

Bethesda is one of the highest rated and regarded publishers in the second decade of the 21st century. So much so that they have been holding their own events at E3 for a few years now. This year’s show was the most cringeworthy so far, but had enough substance to end on a high note.

The Good

Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda Softworks, came on the stage and joked that their first game for the presentation was debuted a couple of weeks ago by their good friends at… Walmart Canada. This set the tone for a humorous (for the right AND wrong reasons) and eventful E3 Showcase. Bethesda started off with Rage 2, a sequel to a breathtakingly beautiful but flawed game released by subsidiary Id in 2010. It started with a live rendition of “Ready To Die” by Andrew W.K. and his thrash-rock band. Bethesda treated viewers with extensive gameplay of the new game. Awash in neon colors, gore, and heavy metal, the game looked very promising.

The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be doing as well as ever and is getting new content. But the next bombshell was Doom Eternal, a sequel to the universally praised reboot of Doom from 2016. The game will feature hell on Earth and improved visuals. It was exciting to know a new entry in the venerated series will be coming so quickly.

The brother of Doom, Quake got some love next. Quake Champions took the spotlight as a new trailer was shown off. The game was apparently playable on the show floor, so more information is bound to come soon.

Next, Wolfenstein Youngblood was debuted featuring the twin daughters of BJ. Set in 1980’s France, this is a chronological sequel to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Only a cinematic trailer was shown.

Todd Howard took the stage to delve into Fallout 76. It will feature dozens of players in a game world 4X bigger than in Fallout 4. The players can cooperate and build, or raid and destroy. Todd assured the audience that the game can be played solo for a more traditional experience, but that it was being prepared as a new spin on the Fallout model. A power armor helmet will be included in the special edition.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades will be a first-person RPG that will premier on iOS and Android, but also become available on PC and include cross-play.

Starfield, a new space-based game was teased. But nothing is known of the title as of yet. It is a departure for Bethesda and may prove interesting.

Finally, The Elder Scrolls VI was very briefly teased.

The Bad

OH GOD, ANDREW W.K.! Make it stop! So cringey! Look at all the blank stares in the audience! It’s a sign! Stop now!

This year’s Showcase seemed to be a bit more intimate than previous years. It seemed fewer people were gathered up closer to the stage. This seemed to create a presentation problem where any rowdy (drunk?) fan could shout loud enough to distract presenters and clearly be heard on microphones.

Grade: B+

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