Editorial: Sony E3 2018


Great Content, But Your Timing…

Sony Kicked off their abnormal press conference with a pop, then a fizzle. They were showing the right things, but in the oddest way.

The Good

Sony showed off The Last of Us, Part II in style. With what seems like a gameplay trailer (Hard to tell because the graphics were impeccable and the AI was so good it almost seemed scripted), Ellie starts off in what seems like a cut-scene dancing with and then kissing a girl. But then it flashes to more scenes of suspense, action, and survival as Ellie wards off attackers from every side. I have no doubt this sequel will be one of the better.

Sony also showed off some of the long awaited samurai game called Ghosts of Tsushima. This game showed more gameplay with gorgeous visuals and high drama. The only complaint I could possibly level against it is the horse’s strange gait in the trailer. An otherwise mind-blowing experience.

Sony revealed a new game called Control. It features a young woman who can take control of a dreamlike reality. It comes from the same developers as Max Payne so it should hold some promise.

Although it had been shown not one, but TWO TIMES before Sony’s conference and in two separate conferences no less, the further revelations of Kingdom Hearts III at Sony’s conference were welcome.

Kojima being Kojima, the new trailer for Death Stranding was just as incomprehensible, full of babies, and gory as you would expect. However, the trailer showed hints of gameplay even if most of what was shown was walking. It looked stunning and gave us more of an idea of the mood of the game.

The final big-hitter was Insomniac’s Spider-Man. This game shown like a diamond among diamonds. Even with the incredible graphics and gameplay of the other featured games, Spider-Man was enough to make your jaw drop even in jaded 2018. It is a beutiful game and even its trailer does not do it justice.

The Bad

What were you THINKING with the timing of this conference, Sony? Start– then stop– then start.. it was a mess! Take a page from your own playbook and never do anything like this again. You are better than this. We’ve seen it.

Also, although it was expected that Sony wouldn’t have many reveals this year, it has to be said that there were very few new games shown off this year. But the excellent showing of upcoming games almost made up for it.

Grade: B+

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